Sunday, July 31, 2005

6 more bombing suspects captured in Italy today!

While the hunt for London wannabe terrorist successfully continues, 5 more U.S. GIs are killed in Iraq today - the war continues and we should all just accept the reality and inevitability of it - and unite, as a society, against these terrorist killers

Saturday, July 30, 2005

1 London 7/21 bombing suspect arrested all the way in Italy!

this only proves the truly global outreach of Islamic terrorism, what more can I say

I truly hope Italian authorities do not hesitate use any method of interrogation

Friday, July 29, 2005

More raids in London today, arresting domestic Muslim terrorist suspects in relation to 7/21 attack, this is how grateful this hateful scum is for Great Britain for providing a chance to them and their families to start a new life - thus proving once again the banality of evil amongst these radical Muslims. I sincerely hope London police will not hesitate using ANY available means for extracting all necessary information to neutralize all remaining terror cells in London.
In WW2 ALL Japanese and Germans nationals in other countries were viewed as possible collaborators to the enemy - and were monitored and detained - and no one had any objections to this. And yet today liberals would not rest when terrorists are mistreated in Guantanamo, or when this or that Muslim is pulled from the line for questioning - liberal mind is hopelessly stuck in Sept. 10,2001

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Even IRA vows to stop "armed campaign" in light of Islamic terrorism

Yes ladies and gentlemen, today, on July 28, 2005 - Irish Republican Army leadership had vowed to end it's 50+ years armed campaign. Now that the terrorism hits home - even the most radical domestic groups begin to understand the meaning and magnitude of the struggle against global Islamic terrorism - more specifically Salafi Muslims - whose radical and highly reactionary ideologists call upon holy war and destruction of all "infidels". Basque separatists, IRA, and U.S. libertarians (among others) seemed to have forfeited their differences in the face of this new threat. I will not stop reiterating that this war against terrorism (where Iraq and Afghanistan are just two of its various ideological and physical battlefronts) - is indeed a struggle for survival of our civilization against savages.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Nail.exe / Aurora removal instructions

I got this garbage spyware from somewhere - be advised it is a high-risk trojan - let's call it IT, Nail.exe is just a by-product of IT (it is 04 in your registry and is in .exe format, also in system32 folder - and that IT keeps changing names) and unless you get rid of the source (IT) Nail.exe will keep respawning - in turn spawning more garbage (i.e. BetterInternet something) - took me 7 hours to find out how to get rid of it - so here is how to do it without any fancy stuff:

1) run any anti-spyware you have: i.e. Search and Destroy, Lavasoft Microsoft Anti-Spyware - get rid of all by-products
1.1) use highjackthis ( (A MUST PROGRAM FOR ANY AMATEUR VIRUS FIGHTER) - it's free, run it - you will see one extra F2 value - with Nail.exe at the end, and unusual 04 value that has extension exe. r <-that r is virus giveaway 2) ( <- this is the fix for Nail.exe, download and run it - Nail will be taken out temprary; now comes important part - getting rid of IT 3.1) turn off your system recovery - right click My Computer/ properties / system recovery -uncheck 3.2) now run free online spyware and virus check at -

* that check is very concise - it will dispose of any remaining by-products of IT - and will narrow down our IT - which has a name - TROJ. AGENT.UX - and guess what it can't clean it - now write down the name of that infected file (you'll get it in details)

3.3) restart your computer in SAFE MODE, by pressing F8 before Windows loads, do not eanble system recover - now go into Start-Run and in run window type "regedit", in registry go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Windows/Current/Run
3.4) in run sub-directory - find that value you wrote down in 3.2 - and delete it, as well - search registry for following "aurora", "nail.exe" <- delete all values associated with it

4) restart - u might get an error message that Nail.exe is missing - HAHAAHAHA, in your face virus - now run everything again - Anti-Spyware, then TrendMicro again - and this time you should be able to delete this now-disabled bug, now reset all internet settings ... cross your fingers and RESTART

5 and final) run Highajckthis, anti-spyware, TrendMicro last time - and you are done

DONE AND DONE, take a deep breath - you made it

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Islamic terrorist in Europe gets life in prison

This man killed a known Dutch documentary film maker Theo Van Gogh for "offending Islam" - the religion of "peace and harmony"- that is exposing how Muslim women get gang-raped and murdered there all the time. It's good for him that European authorities are lenient - because in the time of war - we should have fried this bastard.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Effects of Global Warming is a Liberal Myth

With the coming reports of U.S. cities reporting record-high tempratures and what is described as cataclysmic climatic events in the past 6 months (i.e. hurricanes, devastating tsunamis) - the far left treehugging crowd is going berserk arguing of end of times and global warming drastically changing our planet - but is it really true? No one argues about global warming phenomenon - and the fact that Earth's average tempratures around the urban areas does rise by about 1/2 degree ... EVERY 300 YEARS -is that really worth supressing human industrial and technological progress - or is liberal hysteria taking its toll on us again. I strongly believe it is the latter - so in the simle terms liberals need to COOL DOWN.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

No mercy in post 9/11 world

As a follow-up to yesterday's shooting in London subway it appears that the man shot was not affiliated with prior attacks - SO WHAT, in today's world you can't take any chances - that Brazilian failed to obey instructions from police, and was wearing a trench overcoat in the summer - that is enough ground for police to act the way they did - all they wanted is to make sure there were no wires on him. Meanwhile in Baghdad - a suicide bomber, possibly dressed just like that guy kills 20 people today - so much for the archaic left non-violence rhetoric

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Terror wave continues worldwide

As the world was still in shock after yesterday's London's botched copycat terror attacks - Islamic extremists didn't stand-by idle. Today in a coordinated attack on Egyptian resort in Sharm El-Sheik frequented by westerners - 2 car bombs and possibly 1 suicide blast had killed 83 and wounded over 150 people. This audacity and complete disregard for human life, and lack of any human values is appalling - world had became a much more dangerous place - and it's a shame that people still refuse to admit the reality and the necessity of the struggle against these terrorists killers. After these recent events - every nation should commit it's troops to Iraq and Afghanistan - this is a war for survival against savages who would die just to kill a few of us. Thanks to liberal media, apathy of many nations, and cowards like Filipino Prime Minister who had succumbed to the will of terrorists - these killers still strive and recruit - we must not leave these people room to breathe.

Friday, July 22, 2005

London hunts for terrorists as world reacts

A Bobby with MP5 sub-machine gun - sign of times ... well, a day after a botched terrorist strike on London that would of emulated the bloodbath on 07/07 two weeks ago - London police chases down an unidnetified man to a subway wearing a thick coat and pump him full of lead - and from early reports that person was either a perpetrator of yesterday's attacks or connected to them and was possibly wearing explosives on self. Meanwhile in NYC police begins random voluntary bag searches on subways - which is naturally drives liberals nuts, there is already a T-Shirt circulating on the net saying "I do not consent to being searched" - oh the liberals

Thursday, July 21, 2005

07/21 London Terror Scare

The terrorists done it again - 4 small explosive devices go off on London mass transit exactly 2 weeks after major strike on 07.07 killed 56 people. There are no casualties - but this is yet another wake-up call to the world about necessity to carry on the war for the survival of our civilization against religious fundamentalist terror.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


No matter what racist liberals say, or how hard will Hitlery push her "it takes a village" rhetoric - nothing beats possibility of Dr.Rice running in 2008, if that will in fact be the card - Hillary vs. Rice - it will in fact be the MOST exciting elections of American history - can't wait to begin rooting for Condi.

Grand Theft Auto makes the news again

Haven't anyone learned that ardently boycotting violent video games or controversial recording artists only plays in their respective hands - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is one of the recent targets of attacks by so-called high-ground morality parents groups, and concerned politicians - like Hillary Clinton, and Joseph Lieberman - hehe. But seriously, haven't we already been through that ordeal before ... Hello, first amendment, game has a Mature rating - and it is responsibility of the retailers.
For those who don't know, this latest controversy had been caused by so-called "Hot Coffee" modification made by someone for PC version that allows a main character to engage in fornication onscreen with one of his numerous girlfriends. Rockstar, the producer, had nothing to do with it - and PC game makers do not only block game programming codes - they allow their games to be modified to prolong interest in the latter. In fact legendary shooter Counter-Strike, that I personally grew up on - was in fact a user modification of game Half Life - and anyone who had done any research on the subject would realize how futile and unsubstantiated that argument is. So this is purely done by the afore-mentioned politicians and family groups to create publicity for THEMSELVES!
Oh well, I hope this sells Rockstar few more million copies of their game; one final point to implicate the hypocrisy of these allegations is the fact that in that game you can - steal and crash passenger planes into buildings, lead gangs, commit home invasions, kill police and civilians, and naturaly - steal cars - the only thing that was brought to the attention is a mini user-modified sex escapade. Check out the images *MATURE CONTENT*

MATURE - HAHA, they are hilarious BTW, how could Hillary have fallen for that ... hahahaha ... should I have said HILARIous

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Reality of war ... on both sides

"LONDON (Reuters) - Three British soldiers charged with abusing Iraqi detainees are to be tried for war crimes, the British government said on Tuesday"

Charged with abuse ... wow, don't liberals just love these headlines - why does every liberal, even those in US automatically assumes that these so-called detainees were mistreated. It is a known fact that these insurgents were trained to dissemble - and accusing the coalition of the willing soldiers of abuse always plays in the hands of terrorist recruiters. In fact many of these militants released from Gitmo and other terrorist detention centers had really quickly resurfaced in the terror groups. It is war, and sometimes drastic measures have to be taken - let's make a blunt comparison - if torturing 50 suspected terrorists would save 1 innocent life - would it be worth it? Why are liberals unwilling to accept the reality of post 9/11 world, it seems that liberal mentality is hopelessly stuck in sept 10, 2001. We are fighting against enemy that is anything but coventional, so why are we bound to use conventional tactics - and get accused of anything that the left doesn't see as "moral" - and yet where is liberal outrage over atrocities committed by these same Muslim insurgents and terrorists - time to admit the realities of this conflict

Monday, July 18, 2005

Harry Potter Mania

$ 250,000 an hour in sales! Now, I do not prejudge Harry Potter fans or the entire franchise - in fact I believe it is the boost to the struggling book industry and a treat for the fans of the series. And good for Ms. Rawlings - I guess she can upgrade her Ferrari garage with new editions - but what is somewhat appalling is this trend of consumerism mixing with culture and arts. Seeing single men and women in their 40s indulging nose down into this book is somewhat disturbing - realizing that for them it is but a small getaway from their mundane existence and shortcomings in their lives. Children, I am sure, are intellectually and socially rewarded by being first to have completed this rather lengthy entry in the series, becoming and expert amongst friends - but face it Rawling is Hemingway - and this might yet another exposure of the disturbing ongoing bankruptcy of the Western cultural and artistic values.

Concern with Israeli policies.

This had became a very debatable topic in the recent days, knowing some of the history of the complex geopolitics of Middle East throughout the 20th century - makes understandable why the current situation in the region is so fragile and ever-changing. Israel's right to defend itself is indisputable, just like that of any sovereign state threatened by the foreign fighters - however, some of the methods of the Israeli military and growing radicalism of the Zionist elements in the Israeli government and social movement should be a cause of concern and dialogue in the United Nations and the global community - just like Islamic extremism. In today's struggle for Hearts and Minds of the post 9/11 world - every side should be heard, and every one of those should be answerable for their actions and policies. Building a wall never worked in China, or East Berlin - nor would it work for Israel. Recognition and support of the Palestinian authority by the U.S. and efforts on both sides are seen - but the before any substantial progress can be made extremists from both need to be dealt with.