Friday, March 31, 2006

9/11 Unedited Call Recordings Released

(CBS) NEW YORK Nearly nine hours of emergency calls, some made from inside the doomed World Trade Center, were released by the city Friday, detailing the responses of 911 operators to frantic callers caught in the chaos of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attack. The words of the operators — but not the callers — were released after The New York Times and a group of victims' relatives sued to get them. An appeals court ruled last year that families should have the option to release the tapes made by 28 callers who could be identified.The following audio files are samples from the materials released Friday, with silence replacing the voices of the callers.

Developments in McKinney assault

Lawyer: McKinney 'just a victim of being in Congress while black'...
5:30pm EST Press Conference; Actor Danny Glover by McKinney's side...
Warrant for Her Arrest Expected...
Pelosi: 'I would not make big deal of this'...Hastert: 'How many officers would have to be punched...?'

Now, I know you libtards would be to concerned with Jack Abramoff, recent Canadian Afghan casualties in the war on Islamic fundamentalism, and Mexico presidential meeting - however, this is as important as the latter

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Democrat Senator punches a police officer, to be charged with crime

According to sources on Capitol Hill, U.S. Representative Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) punched a Capitol police officer on Wednesday afternoon after he mistakenly pursued her for failing to pass through a metal detector. Members of Congress are not required to pass through metal detectors. Sources say that the officer was at a position in the Longworth House Office Building, and neither recognized McKinney, nor saw her credentials as she went around the metal detector. The officer called out, “Ma’am, Ma’am,” and walked after her in an attempt to stop her. When he caught McKinney, he grabbed her by the arm. Witnesses say McKinney pulled her arm away, and with her cell phone in hand, punched the officer in the chest. McKinney’s office has not responded to requests for comment. The officer is pressing charges, and the USCP (United States Capitol Police) are waiting until Congress adjurns to arrest her, a source claims. "No charges have been filed. Capitol Police spokeswoman Sgt. Kimberly Schneider says that senior officials have been made aware of the incident and are investigating.A statement attributed to McKinney has been released on the Internet, where she allegedly claims to have been harassed by Capitol Hill Police.The statement's writer says that she has been harassed by white police officers she says do not recognize her due to her recently changed hairstyle." Do I have to contact the police every time I change my hairstyle? How do we account for the fact that when I wore my braids every day for 11 years, I still faced this problem, primarily from certain white police officers," the statement says.The writer details the incident, saying, "I was rushing to my meeting when a white police officer yelled to me. He approached me, bodyblocked me, physically touching me. I used my arm to get him off of me. I told him not to touch me several times. He asked for my ID and I showed it to him. He then let me go and I proceeded to my meeting and I assume that the Police Officer resumed his duties. I have counseled with the Sergeant-at-Arms and Acting Assistant Chief Thompson several times before and counseled with them again on today's incident. I offered also to counsel with the offending police officer."

Road to Iran: UN presses Iran to cease nuclear enrichment

John Bolton, United States Ambassador to U.N. announces to reporters an agreement for a statement to be adopted by the Security Council regarding the nuclear program of Iran after a meeting at UN Headquarters in New York Wednesday, March 29, 2006.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Iraqi Rebels Staged "Massacre", Liberals Bought the Lie

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - U.S. commanders in Iraq on Monday accused powerful Shi'ite groups of moving the corpses of gunmen killed in battle to encourage accusations that U.S.-led troops massacred unarmed worshippers in a mosque. "After the fact, someone went in and made the scene look different from what it was. There's been huge misinformation," Lieutenant General Peter Chiarelli, the second-ranking U.S. commander in Iraq, said.
He rejected the accusations of a massacre that prompted the Shi'ite-led government to demand U.S. forces cede control of security but declined to spell out which group he believed moved the bodies. Government-run television has shown footage of bodies lying without weapons in what Shi'ite ministers say is a mosque compound run by radical cleric Moqtada al-Sadr. The security minister accused Iraqi and U.S. troops of killing 37 unarmed men.

Liberals would believe anything that fits their anti-American agenda.

Muhammed Cartoon Equalizer - Jesus Cartoon!

(so no one says I only pick on one religion)

Toronto Under Seige by Black Gang Violence

After weeks of relative calm, gun violence reared its ugly head on Toronto's city streets again. Two were killed and four others were injured after a trio of shootings across Toronto overnight. One of the night’s most shocking disputes occurred at a pizza shop near Weston Rd. and Eglinton Ave. West. Police are looking for a single gunman after one man was shot dead and three others were injured at the 2-4-4 Pizza. Paramedics found one of the victims outside, suffering from a gun shot to the back, and rushed him to Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. He’s listed in serious condition there.
A 16-year-old was discovered inside the pizzeria with chest wounds – he was pronounced dead at the scene.
A third victim later walked into Humber River Regional Hospital with a bullet to the hip, while a fourth was hurt by flying glass as the spray of bullets punctured the pizza shop's front window. All the victims were thought to be in their teens or early 20s. No names have been released. Investigators closed off Weston Rd. as they searched the area – they had reason to believe the suspect in that shooting may have fled to a nearby apartment. There’s no word yet on any arrests.About an hour later, another shooting victim was rushed into Sunnybrook. The victim, about 25 years old, was found lying on the grass outside a high-rise apartment on Grandravine Dr. near Jane St. and Sheppard Ave.Paramedics managed to revive him but he later died in hospital.
Police think the shooter in that violent incident jumped into the passenger seat of a compact car and took off. In a nearby parking lot, an empty vehicle was found idling with its lights on. It's thought the victim ran from that vehicle and collapsed nearby.
Terrified residents in the area reportedly heard as many as ten shots fired.Meanwhile, two suspects have been named in the night’s first round of gunfire. A 21-year-old woman was shot once in the leg outside a building on St. Dennis Dr. near Don Mills Rd. and Eglinton Ave. East at about 7pm Monday.
Police are looking for Raian Naidoo, 22, who’s a former boyfriend of the victim, and 23-year-old Dwayne Wesley Donaldson. They’re considered armed and dangerous and anyone who sees them should not approach them."This area has had its fair share of shootings, and I think they should be worried any time they step out the door in this area," said a concerned Det. Ed Campbell.The victim in that shooting is expected to recover.The overnight violence now brings the number of murders so far this year to 15 – seven of those by gunfire.

Anyone with information in any of the shootings should call Crime Stoppers at 416-222-TIPS.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Islamic terrorist detainees are sub-human

WASHINGTON (AFP) - A US Supreme Court judge has said it would be "crazy" to give war on terror detainees rights in civil courts, and has castigated Europeans for criticizing the Guantanamo detention camp, media reports said. The comments attributed to Justice
Antonin Scalia were published a day before the Supreme Court starts hearing a key challenge to special military tribunals for "war on terror" suspects at the US naval base in Cuba. "War is war, and it has never been the case that when you captured a combatant you have to give them a jury trial in your civil courts," Scalia said during a talk on March 8 at the University of Freiburg in Switzerland, Newsweek magazine reported.

Elsewhere, Al-Qaida conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui testified Monday that he and would-be shoe bomber Richard Reid were supposed to hijack a fifth airplane on Sept. 11, 2001, and fly it into the White House. Moussaoui's testimony on his own behalf stunned the courtroom as he disclosed details he had never revealed before. It was in stark contrast to Moussaoui's previous statements in which he said the White House attack was to come later if the United States refused to release a radical Egyptian sheik imprisoned on earlier terrorist convictions.

I couldn't agree more - Islamic terrorists are sub-human to me too, I think we should torture one to death live on TV every week, if Islamic fundamentalists only understand violence - time to send them a clear message.

Kudos to Scalia

Bush calls for civility in immigration debate

President Bush speaks to newly naturalized immigrants at an immigration naturalization ceremony at the Daughters of the American Revolution administration building in Washington Monday, March 27, 2006. President Bush, in addressing an issue that has divided his party, underscored America's immigrant history and called for secure borders and strict immigration enforcement.
You know, I bet if we checked the immigration status of these protestors in U.S. cities - I bet more than half are overdue for deportation.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Future of Ukraine decided today

KIEV, Ukraine - Ukrainians stood in long lines Sunday to cast ballots in a parliamentary election that could tip this divided ex-Soviet republic back toward Russia just 16 months after the Orange Revolution protests helped set it on a Westward course.
An opposition party advocating improved ties with Moscow and a halt to Ukraine's efforts to join NATO was expected to win the most seats in the 450-member parliament.
President Viktor Yushchenko's job is not at stake, but the vote is the first since constitutional reforms trimmed presidential powers and gave broader authority to parliament, including the right to name the prime minister and much of the Cabinet.
An independent voters rights group, the Committee of Ukrainian Voters, reported isolated problems, saying its biggest concern was long lines that forced most voters to wait for more than hour to cast their long ballots that contained the names of the 45 parties.
The vote could potentially allow Viktor Yanukovych, who lost the contested 2004 presidential elections, to slow the pro-Western course set by Yushchenko and seek improved ties with Moscow.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Is there a solution to illegal immigration problem in USA?

Demonstrators gather in front of City Hall in Los Angeles, Saturday March 25, 2006, to protest federal immigration legistlation. The House of Representatives has passed legislation that would make it a felony to be in the U.S. illegally, impose new penalties on employers who hire illegal immigrants and erect fences along one-third of the U.S.-Mexican border. The Senate is to begin debating the proposals Tuesday.
This is ridiculous - you know, I think people are too disorganized in solving this problem; illegal immigration is a threat to the unity and stability of United States, the issue should be dealt with ASAP and with the most harsh resolve, namely:

(1) Open detention facilities nationwide, start deportations of illegal aliens and their families on 24 hour clock schedule
(2) Build necessary physical walls on the vulnerable points of border, hopefully electric fences
(3) Encourage, arm, and subsidize Minutemen project - people are ready to step in and help
(4) Severe personal and corporate penalties for employing illegals
(5) Nation-wide "report" an illegal NSA tip line, reward $$$ for turning them in - to encourage people

This is a threat from the nation from within, and it must be addressed no less seriously than Al Queda

Picture of the Day

Belarus riot police seal off streets from opposition supporters in Minsk, Belarus, Saturday, March 25, 2006.Rows of riot police on Saturday blocked off a central square where opposition leaders planned a rally over the disputed election in Belarus, pushing crowds away in a massive show of force meant to quash persistent protests against President Alexander Lukashenko, but thousands of demonstrators defiantly gathered in a nearby park.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Russian involvement with Saddam raises serious concerns

WASHINGTON - The Russian government collected intelligence from sources inside the American military command as the U.S. mounted the invasion of Iraq, and the Russians fed information to Saddam Hussein on troop movements and plans, according to Iraqi documents cited in a Pentagon report released Friday. The Russians relayed information to Saddam during the opening days of the war in late March and early April 2003, including a crucial time before the ground assault on Baghdad, according to the documents.
The unclassified report does not assess the value of the information or provide details beyond citing two captured Iraqi documents that say the Russians collected information from sources "inside the American Central Command" and that battlefield intelligence was provided to Saddam through the Russian ambassador in Baghdad. A classified version of the Pentagon report, titled "Iraqi Perspectives Project," is not being made public. In Moscow, a duty officer with Russia's Foreign Ministry declined to comment on the report late Friday. No one answered the phones at the Defense Ministry.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Picture of the Day

Belarusian police officers detain protesters as they storm the opposition tent camp in the Belarusian capital Minsk early Friday morning, March 24, 2006, arresting scores of demonstrators who had spent a fourth night in a central square to protest President Alexander Lukashenko's victory in a disputed election.
Oh, this is so reminiscent of Ukrainian Orange revolution.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Basque separatists announce cease-fire.

MADRID (AFP) - The armed Basque separatist organisation ETA announced it is declaring a permanent ceasefire, a condition set by Spain's government for the opening of talks with the group. "ETA has decided to declare a permanent ceasefire from March 24, 2006," the organisation said in a statement.
"The aim of this decision is to launch a democratic process in the Basque Country. ... At the end of this process, Basque citizens will be able to have a voice and the power to decide their future. "An end to the conflict is possible today and now," it said. "This is the hope and desire of ETA."
Good, one less argument for liberals - see, even these people look for compromise, it's only Islamic terrorists and Islamofascists whose sole goal is to murder as many people as possible before meeting Allah.


PLANO, Texas (AP) -- Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has overcome its rural roots and downscale image to attract affluent shoppers, but executives admit that many of those well-heeled consumers come only for cheap groceries and steer clear of the other merchandise. In its boldest effort yet to target upscale shoppers, the nation's largest retailer is opening a new store this week with an expanded selection of high-end electronics, more fine jewelry, hundreds of types of wine ranging up to $500 a bottle, and even a sushi bar.
Wal-Mart says it won't duplicate this format anywhere else. But if plasma TVs, microbrewery beer and fancy balsamic vinegar sell in Plano, those items could be added to stores in other affluent communities.
Retail experts say nearly half of American families shop at Wal-Mart at least once a week. They say the retail giant has nearly tapped out its middle-class base and must attract consumers who love Target and Costco but not Wal-Mart. With about 3,700 U.S. stores, Wal-Mart has nearly saturated the market, and analysts say future growth depends on boosting sales by offering a better shopping experience. The company is renovating 1,800 stores as many of its older outlets have started looking a little tired. Wal-Mart profits keep rising, but not as fast as Wall Street expects, and same-store sales, those at locations open at least a year, rose faster in 2005 at smaller but trendier Target Corp. Wal-Mart stock has slipped about 20 percent in the past two years while Target shares gained about the same percentage. Wal-Mart shares rose 35 cents Tuesday, to $48.11, in a 52-week range of $42.31 to $51.46. Analysts say that despite low prices, Wal-Mart suffers from a perception that its merchandise is lower quality, which turns off consumers who can afford better.

Way to Go!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Accused, Oh JESUS!

Debra Lafave, 25, was charged in Marion County with lewd and lascivious battery for having sex with the now 16-year-old boy. She is already serving seven years probation and three years house arrest for those same crimes in Hillsborough County as part of a plea deal.

I am sorry, I had to bring this up CHARGED?! I would pay to for her to do lewd and lascivious battery on me. That kid probably had time of his life, what's wrong with you PEOPLE!

Sorry, I had to went that.

Massive Islamic terrorist plot indictments in Spain

In another day with the religion of peace - a judge indicted 32 people for an alleged 2004 plot to carry out a massive truck bombing against Madrid's National Court, the hub of Spain's anti-terror investigations, authorities said Tuesday. The 32 men, mostly Algerians, were charged with membership in a terrorist organization, conspiracy to commit a terrorist attack and forgery, Judge Fernando Grande-Marlaska said in his ruling from March 13.
All but three of the suspects are already in jail, including alleged mastermind Abderrahmane Tahiri, alias Mohamed Achraf, who was extradited from Switzerland in April 2005. Spanish authorities suspect Tahiri planned to ram a truck loaded with 1,100 pounds of explosives into the court in downtown Madrid. "This was an organized and structured terrorist group ... which defended the jihad and intended on carrying it out in Spain through violent actions such as that planned against the National Court and the persons within," the indictment read.
The group hoped to kill judges, clerks and members of the public and destroy the files held against the "mujahedeen brotherhood" inside, the indictment said. Grande-Marlaska said such an attack could have killed as many as 1,000 people. It has never been made clear when the group planned to carry out the attack, which was uncovered in October 2004 with the help of an unnamed informant. The indictment said Tahiri hoped to finance the plot from Switzerland and have it carried out urgently. Tahiri planned to be one of the suicide attackers.

I bet you liberals will say "they don't represent REAL Islam", despite the fact that you never even opened their Koran. President Bush was correct in his press conference this morning when he said that Iraq is a battlefront in the war against Islamo-Fascism, it is WW3, like it or not, not fought at the same scale - nevertheless, it is a global struggle ... but, speak up liberal Islam appeasers; whenever news like this breaks, I am just dying to hear your take on it

Self-Criticism is the Best Criticism

1f u c4n r34d th!s u r34!!y n33d 2 g37 l41d

Monday, March 20, 2006

Belarus' elections - is Kremlin involved in rigging the vote?

WASHINGTON - The White House on Monday called for new elections in Belarus after independent observers said the re-election of hard-line incumbent Alexander Lukashenko was a farce. White House press secretary Scott McClellan hinted at sanctions against Belarus, saying that penalties such as travel restrictions "are things we will look at."
This is all too reminiscent of Ukraine's elections last year - where Putin's Manchurian candidate Viktor Yanukovich attempted to take over power through rigged vote; this is no different - level of corruption in post-Soviet Belarus is far above anyone's expectations - so there is no surprise that Hitler-like character of Lukashenko (and if you do some research on Wikipedia or Google - there is more than just physical resemblance) - is a Kremlin plant to maintain control in this state.

Hollywood limousine liberal to play a mentally challenged liberal

That's right - Associated Press is reporting that false-teeth, shaving avoider, America-hating, pot-smoking, Bolshevik limousine liberal Susan Sarandon is to play a deranged psychopath in the open Cindy Sheehan - in yet another Hollywood spit-on-the-troops-bow-to-fundamentalist-Islam "death-to-America" film.
Well, no surprise there.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

WWE's Ashley Massaro in Playboy?!

I know, it's a bit of topic - but I have recently stumbled upon a shocking discovery, as I was doing ... research about Candice Michelle's Playboy appearance - apparently WWE diva Ashley (Massaro) had already appeared in that magazine under name Ryan MacKenzie - WOW, is that really her or does that chick is look alike?

Upon closer examination ... hmm ... I found a tatoo above her thigh at the bottom right corner of abdomen - that is seen on WWE pictures - therefore - those pictures are authentic - she's hot.

Leaving Iraq Now is like leaving Germany to Nazis

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Leaving Iraq now would be like handing postwar Germany back to the Nazis, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said in a column published on Sunday, the third anniversary of the start of the Iraq war. "Turning our backs on postwar Iraq today would be the modern equivalent of handing postwar Germany back to the Nazis," he wrote in an essay in The Washington Post. Rumsfeld said "the terrorists" were trying to fuel sectarian tensions to spark a civil war, but they must be "watching with fear" the progress in the country over the past three years. In London, former Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi said on Sunday that Iraq is in a civil war and is nearing the point of no return when the sectarian violence will spill over throughout the Middle East. "It is unfortunate that we are in civil war. We are losing each day, as an average, 50 to 60 people throughout the country, if not more. If this is not civil war, then God knows what civil war is," he told BBC television. Rumsfeld's view was that the Iraqi insurgency was failing. "The terrorists seem to recognize that they are losing in Iraq. I believe that history will show that to be the case," he wrote. He said 75 percent of all military operations in Iraq include Iraqi security forces. "Today, some 100 Iraqi army battalions of several hundred troops each are in the fight, and 49 percent control their own battle space," Rumsfeld wrote.

Elsewhere - ironically, Saturday's anti-war protests in Europe were dwarfed by the half-million people who demonstrated in France against proposed labor law reforms, and about 80,000 nationalists in Belgrade mourning former Yugoslav leader Slobodan Milosevic.

I bet Osama bin Laden was really proud of liberal sheeple yesterday, during their spit-on-America, spit-on-the-troops, and bow-to-Islam little march on the 18th - why are you, liberals, so god damn stupid? Don't you understand that in order to sustain our (American) wealth and lifestyle - we HAVE to posses oil resources, among other things.
I'll share a secret with you - most of us don't care about 3rd world countries, I don't want equality with some Muslim America-hating nation, you want to share with them? Go ahead - I perfectly understand that capitalism, unfortunately, is built on exploitation and imperialist military enforcement of the latter - and guess what? I am fine with that.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Important Announcement in the global War on Islamic Terror (repost)

Today American and Canadian libturds will, once again, be protesting the welfare and security of our nations, spitting on our troops, and bowing to Islamic fundamentalist enemy - I think everyone had enough of this. Despite the fact that it is their constitutional right to do so, we should not allow these protests to be one-sided - because liberal elements in media will try to spin as if it is a majority opinion.
Today, every responsible citizen should do anything within legal boundaries to disrupt these protests, please follow these instructions:

* if you are law enforcement officer on a watch of these protestors - observe any disruptions of civil law (i.e. vandalism, obscenity etc.), and arrest the perpetrators on spot; or attempt to end it all together

* if you are public or private property owner/ administrator - you have a right NOT to allow these so-called protests on your property

* if you are a student - petition your student counsel immediately NOT to allow this on your campus, call student security

* if you are a journalist - do not cover this stupidity - it's not worth your journalistic integrity

* finally, if you are a citizen, walk out on today, and show your support for global war against Islamic fundamentalism, do it peacefully and respectfully - liberals might call you names, but being "Make Love, Not War" cowards they are - they won't dare to touch you


Friday, March 17, 2006

Democrats VS. Porn

WASHINGTON, March 16, 2006 (AFP) - Two US senators proposed legislation that would establish a new ".XXX" domain for racy or sexually explicit websites. The bill proposed by senators Mark Pryor and Max Baucus, both Democrats, calls upon the US Department of Commerce to exclude sexually charged content from established website domain names such as .gov, .com, .org, .net, and .edu. Baucus said at a press conference that the .XXX domain would help parents use filtering software to keep children from accessing pornographic sites, and would help prevent hapless Internet users from inadvertently stumbling onto sexually-explicit websites that they would prefer not to see.

As a frequent patron of the above-mentioned sites, I can only say this to these to senators - shame on you filthy Nazis

Toronto Crime News (result of liberalism)

A neighborhood near Finch and highway 27 located at north side of Toronto, Canada was flooded with heavily armed Emergency Task Force and Holdup Squad agents after a bank robbery at a CIBC in the area on Thursday. The heist by a gang of masked gunmen forced the evacuation of a residential area after investigators suspected the culprits escaped into nearby homes.Police ended up taking innocent residents into custody. "We detained some of theneighborhoodd people up there," admitted Staff. Sgt. Jack Kelly. "Of course these people were cleared of the crime and thanked very much for their cooperation." The sight of machine-gun carrying officers shocked residents. "There was like S.W.A.T. teams walking around. They were everywhere around the park, strneighborhoodrhood. In the backyards," said area resident Manver Somal. Three suspects packing shotguns and wearing dark clothes and ski masks held up the bank. The thieves got away with an undisclosed amount of cash and there were about 12 people in the bank at the time of the robbery.
Now - don't be fooled by Michael Moore lies about Canada - we are living in fear of out-of-control gangs in our major cities - liberals usually turn blind eye on crime; and activist judges in this country let dangerous offenders go too often, while our immigration policy leaves us wide open just about to anyone who wants to come in (being it criminals from Caribbeanribean countries, or Islamic terrorists) - this is Canada in 21st century - thanks God for conservative government - hopefully things will change soon.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Gays vs. Muslims

A Dutch multicultural group is organizing a soccer tournament between gays and Muslims, hoping to counter what a study published on Thursday said was a rising tide of fear among gays. A nationwide survey by the Police Research Academy said that most gays questioned feel unsafe and reported experiencing verbal attacks in the last year. Of the 776 homosexuals who responded to an internet questionnaire, 80 percent said they believed their safety was threatened at some time during the year, said academy director Frits Vlek, who commissioned the research. Only 3 percent said they were physically assaulted, Vlek said in an interview, but some 40 percent claimed they had been insulted or verbally abused. Youths from Moroccan and Turkish backgrounds often were blamed for the incidents, Vlek said, since homosexuality is not widely accepted in many Muslim cultures. "Parts of the Muslim community still resist homosexuality and receive little education about it," he said. Muslim-gay tension is the theme of the soccer tournament organized by the Institute of Multicultural Development, to be held next week. An organizer of the group, Suzanne Ijsselmuiden, said she hoped the competition will "help ease these tensions so that people can openly talk about homosexuality." Gay Muslims can take their choice of teams, she said. "People can have many identities." A Latin team along with a team of all-women players has also been assembled for the government-sponsored competition.

wow, Dutch push the envelope again

This is why I love president G.W. Bush

In a 49-page national security report released, today, Thursday, March 16, 2006, President Bush reaffirmed the strike-first, or pre-emptive policy he first outlined in 2002. Diplomacy is the U.S. preference in halting the spread of nuclear and other heinous weapons, Bush said.

full text here

In your face coward liberals - Great re-affirmation, can't wait for Iran campaign to start.

Elsewhere, in Baghdad, Iraq - U.S. military launched what was termed the largest air assault codenamed "Operation Swarmer" since the U.S.-led invasion, targeting insurgent strongholds north of the capital, the military said. The U.S. military said Iraqi troops also were involved in the operation aimed at clearing a "suspected insurgent operating area northeast of Samarra." "More than 1,500 Iraqi and Coalition troops, over 200 tactical vehicles, and more than 50 aircraft participated in the operation," the military statement said. Samarra is 60 miles north of Baghdad. The military said the operation was expected to continue over several days against insurgent targets in Salahuddin province. I hope many insurgents are incinerated alive.


Jessica Simpson is a disgrace to America

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Concerned about politicizing her favorite charity, singer- "actress" Jessica Simpson on Wednesday turned down a invitation to meet with U.S. President George W. Bush, a snub that left Republicans dismayed. The apparent final word that Simpson would be a no-show at a major Republican fund-raiser with Bush and congressional leaders on Thursday night came after a day of conflicting reports from her camp and organizers of the event.
The blond star of the film "The Dukes of Hazzard" still plans to visit Washington on Thursday to lobby members of Congress on behalf of Operation Smile, a non-profit venture offering free plastic surgery for disadvantaged children overseas with facial deformities. People close to Simpson said she declined a request to appear that same evening at the gala fund-raiser of the National Republican Congressional Committee - even after she was offered some private face time with Bush - because Operation Smile is a non-partisan group.

True Americans, boycott Jessica Simspon and all ventures related to her.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Russian communist leader blames U.S. for unleashing bird blu as WMD

MOSCOW. March 14 (Interfax) - Russian Communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov has blamed the United States for the spread of avian influenza, or bird flu, in a number of European countries, including Russia. "The forms of warfare are changing. It's strange that not a single duck has yet died in America - they are all dying in Russia and European countries. This makes one seriously wonder why," Zyuganov said at a press conference at the Interfax main office on Tuesday. Zyuganov said that he has good knowledge of war gases as he dealt with them during his army service. "I tested all kinds of war gases at a range myself," he said. Asked to be more precise as to whether he believes the bird flu outbreak could be a deliberate attack by the U.S., Zyuganov answered positively. "I not only suggest this, I know very well how this can be arranged. There is nothing strange here," he said.

Why does Israel provoke terrorists?

Masked Palestinian militants of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine carry assault rifles as they stand in front of burning tires, during a protest condemning the capture of their leader Ahmed Saadat and five other Palestinians during an Israeli raid Tuesday on the prison in the West Bank town of Jericho, in the Ein-el-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp, near the southern port city of Sidon, Lebanon, Wednesday, March 15, 2006. Israeli officials said Wednesday that they are determined to put Palestinian prisoners seized from a West Bank jail on trial for the killing of an Israeli Cabinet minister, but will first have to overcome some legal hurdles.

Israel seem to continuously provoke these reactions from Palestinian - don't they understand that their aggressive policies will thwart any chances for peace with Palestine, especially with Hamas in power there now

U.S. Senate Democrat goes bananas

Another oddity from the La-La Land of Liberalism... Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) went to the Senate floor Wednesday afternoon and displayed an enormous sign that read “Dangerously Incompetent” while giving a speech attacking the Bush administration over first responder and Homeland Security funding. Stabenow was on the Senate floor selling an amendment she has offered to increase Funding for first responders by $5 billion. “God forbid that there is another terrorist attack or a natural disaster,” Stabenow warned.
Why are liberals so gullible?

Al Queda's attempt at Coup d'etat foiled in Baghdad

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Iraqi authorities discovered at least 87 corpses — men shot to death execution-style — as Iraq edged closer to open civil warfare. Twenty-nine of the bodies, dressed only in underwear, were dug out of a single grave Tuesday in a Shiite neighborhood of Baghdad.
Some of the bloodshed appeared to be retaliation for a bomb and mortar attack in the Sadr City slum that killed at least 58 people and wounded more than 200 two days earlier. Iraq's Interior Minister Bayan Jabr, meanwhile, told The Associated Press security officials had foiled a plot that would have put hundreds of al-Qaida men at critical guard posts around Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone, home to the U.S. and other foreign embassies, as well as the Iraqi government. A senior Defense Ministry official said the 421 al-Qaida fighters were recruited to storm the U.S. and British embassies and take hostages. Several ranking Defense Ministry officials have been jailed in the plot, said the official, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the information.

Don't you liberals understand - that Al Queda wants the pressure for coalition troops to leave - because that will lead Iraq into open civil war - and it will be a liberal-caused military defeat like Vietnam - Why do you hate America, Liberals? Why do you want us to cut and run, leading to defeat? Don't you understand that Islamic fundamentalists will massacre all Iraqi moderates and progressives (who you claim to be) if we withdraw?! Why do you hate the troops and want to nullify everything we've done?
Answer, cowards!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Looks like this blog descended into this ...

Famous Abu Ghraib picture might be a FAKE!

The New York Times is investigating questions raised about the identity of a man who said in a Page 1 profile that he is the Abu Ghraib prisoner whose hooded image became an icon of abuse by American captors. The online magazine challenged the man's identity, based on an examination of 280 Abu Ghraib pictures it has been studying for weeks and on an interview with an official of the Army's Criminal Investigation Command. The official says the man the Times profiled Saturday, Ali Shalal Qaissi, is not the detainee in the photograph.
In an e-mail to the Times, Chris Grey, chief spokesman for the Army investigations unit, wrote: "We have had several detainees claim they were the person depicted in the photograph in question. Our investigation indicates that the person you have is not the detainee who was depicted in the photograph released in connection with the Abu Ghraib investigation." "We take questions about our reporting very seriously, and we will carefully investigate Salon's findings," Susan Chira, the Times' foreign editor, said in Tuesday's editions. "We attempted to verify the claims of Mr. Qaissi thoroughly. We spoke with representatives of Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, who had interviewed Mr. Qaissi and believed him to be the man in the photographs."
Qaissi also was interviewed and described as the hooded man in an article in Vanity Fair and in a broadcast on PBS, the Times noted. The Times said it was shown evidence by Amnesty International documenting Qaissi's incarceration at Abu Ghraib during the time the photographs were taken. The newspaper also said it spoke with the man's lawyers, and contacted the military, which said the Geneva Conventions prevented it from commenting about the identity of anyone in a photograph. The newspaper said it did not contact the Criminal Investigation Command in reporting the article. Asked about the challenge to his identity, Qaissi insisted to the Times that he was the man in the photograph.

This might be the biggest defeat of liberals by far.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Road to Iran: Israel discusses Iran airstrike options

Jersualem - The Pentagon is looking into the possibility of Israel launching a strike against Iran's nuclear facilities. In the past months there were several working-level discussions trying to map out the possible scenarios for such an attack, according to administration sources who were briefed on these meetings. The discussions, which were describes as intelligence-oriented and not policy-oriented, examined the likelihood of an Israeli pre-emptive attack against Iran and the method in which such an attack could be carried out. One of the main questions presented in these discussions was whether Israel would inform the US in advance in case such an attack is to take place and when would such an advance notice be given. The sources pointed out that it is clear that Israel would have to coordinate with the US forces air control any attempt to fly over Iraq on the way to Iran, if Israel chooses to attack using the shortest route.

Well, what is the hold-up? Bush administration should know better that the approval rating will continue slipping until something decisive is done about growing global threat of Iran. A well-coordinated strike at Iran's nuclear, command&control and military installation might trigger a democratic revolution there - and that will stop the need for the global coalition of nations of going in there and removing Ahmadinejad and his crazy Islamic fundies later. Giving Iran time to reconsider it's nuke ambitions - yeah right - is reminiscent of letting Hitler have Czechoslovakia, hoping he will stop there

Yahoo Message Boards post of the day

WWII took less time than IRAQ......WHY?

by: al_liby_the_liberal
(40/M/Your neighborhood)

03/13/06 11:25 am

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Answer:we didn't have our hands tied by an unrestrained liberal media preventing us from doing what was necessary to win

Just In: Unknown drug might have caused Milosovic's death

THE HAGUE, Netherlands - A Dutch toxicologist said Monday he found traces of an unprescribed antibiotic in Slobodan Milosevic's system earlier this year after the former Yugoslav leader did not respond to blood pressure medication given at the U.N. detention center. Donald Uges said he found traces of rifampicin, an antituberculosis drug that "makes the liver extremely active" and thus breaks down other medications very quickly, possibly taking away their effectiveness.
I knew there is more to this story than meets the eye, stay tuned.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

New Canadian Prime Minister visits troops in Afghanistan, supports War on Terror

Following a rash of insurgent violence in the last two weeks that claimed the lives of two Canadians serving in Afghanistan, some of Canada's troops in the region may have needed a reminder as to exactly what they're still doing there. And that's just what they got Sunday, as Prime Minister Stephen Harper made a surprise visit to Kandahar in order to inspire military staff still working to rebuild the troubled country. It was the first foreign trip for Harper as prime minister. "The truth is Canada's not an island," he said. "We live in a dangerous world and we have to show leadership in that world and that what we're doing and that's what I'm trying to do by going to support our men and women." Sunday's trip has been in the works since Harper took office, but for security reasons had to be kept top secret until he'd arrived safely. Still, once he was on the ground in Afghanistan he made his message for Canada's armed forces crystal clear: The Conservative government is committed to carrying on with the controversial presence and has no immediate plans to remove troops from the volatile region. "I know it's a dangerous mission, I know it's a tough mission," he said."But we're doing great work and we should take pride in it and participate in it. " Even though polls have shown many Canadians aren't thrilled with their military's continued presence in Afghanistan, 2,200 Canadians currently serving double duty in the area will remain. Currently they're performing duties that include hunting insurgents and various reconstruction activities. Ottawa's committed to keeping troops in the area until early 2007, while Harper himself will continue on an extended tour through the region during the coming days.

First, I'm really proud of our new PM Stephen Harper, finally a man who united Canadian con and neo-con silent majority, despite what liberal media lies to you - Canada is turning conservative, just like U.S. In general global liberalism is on its deathbed, I'm glad we finally have a prime minister who will support leader G.W. Bush in the global war against Islamic fundamentalism and nation-building in post-9/11 world - Iran, Syria, Liberation is coming!


new liberal film "V for Vendetta" glorifies terrorism

In the Wachowski brother bizarre liberal rag "V for Vendetta", the "hero" wants to blow up London... As NewsWeek points out - "V for Vendetta" will get its share of dismissive reviews—probably more than enough to convince hard-core fans that the movie was simply too smart and dangerous to be given safe passage. In point of fact, though, "Vendetta" is not good. The film may spark interesting debates—about the nature of terrorism and governments, about the inalienable right of artists to shock and provoke—but what we're dealing with is a lackluster comic-book movie that thinks terrorist is a synonym for revolutionary.
This movie advocates terrorism in order to overthrow a government and establish state of Hobbsian anarchy/ State of Nature (as a supposed transitional phase)- in post 9/11 world - where we are in a war against Islamic terrorist killers this seems to be an inappropriate film to release because it coincides with enemy Salafi Islamic ideology. Sedition and insurrection through terrorism and murder of civilians (presented as a moral dilemma?! in the story) as the nation is in war - which I find to be a strong anti-American/ anti-troops message.
Boycott this film!

Four more heroes sacrifice life for freedom.

KABUL, Afghanistan - A roadside bomb exploded Sunday as a U.S. armored vehicle drove by in eastern Afghanistan, killing four American service members, the U.S. military said. The armored vehicle was hit by an improvised explosive in the Pech Valley, Kunar province, where the Americans were patrolling to keep a road open to civilian and military traffic, the military said in a statement. Earlier, Kunar Gov. Asadullah Wafa said a remote-controlled mine exploded, hitting a convoy of American troops on patrol in the Watapur area of the province, killing three and wounding one. At least 220 members of the U.S. military have died in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan as a result of the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan in late 2001, according to the Defense Department.

Of course liberals couldn't care less.

Road To Iran: Iran rejects Russian nuclear compromise offer

Iran has said it is shelving a Russian compromise deal intended to defuse an international dispute over whether Tehran is seeking to build an atomic bomb. Hamid Reza Asefi, the Iranian foreign ministry spokesman, said on Sunday that Tehran was not considering reprising the Russian plan. "Now the situation has changed, the Russian proposal is not on the agenda," he told reporters at a conference on energy and security in Tehran. Russia had proposed that it make nuclear fuel on Iran's behalf in order to ensure that uranium was enriched only to the low level needed for power stations and not to the higher weapons-grade needed for warheads. However, Iran was unwilling to surrender its right to enrich uranium on its own soil. The failure of the Russian compromise helped send Iran's case to the UN Security Council for possible sanctions.

What are we waiting for? With each day this Axis of Evil nation continues to get closer to building a bomb, that they will not hesitate to use - it's time for an action now. We must strike all known Iranian nuclear facilities, command and control centers, as well as their leadership with tactical nukes, white phosphorous, and MOABs - and take out that lunatic Ahmadinejad.

Tom Fox was tortured before he was executed

BAGHDAD, Iraq - An American aid worker taken hostage with three other peace activists was apparently tortured before he was shot in the head and chest and his body dumped near a railroad line in Baghdad, Iraqi police said Saturday.
Tom Fox, a 54-year-old member of Christian Peacemaker Teams from Clear Brook, Va., was the fifth American hostage killed in Iraq. There was no immediate word on his fellow captives, a Briton and two Canadians.The U.S. command in Baghdad confirmed that Fox's body was picked up by American forces on Thursday evening, although it provided no information on the condition. Interior Ministry Lt. Col. Falah al-Mohammedawi said Fox was found with his hands tied and gunshot wounds to his head and chest. There were cuts on his body and bruises on his head, indicating torture, he said. The corpse was dressed in Iraqi-made clothing.

This is pure savagery - care to comment liberal terrorist apologists and Islam appeasers?

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Comedy Break

Great leader, Slobodan Milosevic, dies today

Then Yugoslavia's President Slobodan Milosevic is shown in this 1997 photo, in Belgrade. Milosevic, the former Yugoslav and Serbian president who orchestrated the Balkan wars of the 1990s and was on trial for war crimes, was found dead in his prison cell at the U.N. detention center near The Hague, the U.N. tribunal said Saturday March 11, 2006.

Man wasn't a war criminal, and maintained his dignity and innocence until the end, all he wanted to do is protect Christian Serbs against murderous gangs of Islamic fundamentalists - same type we see beheading hostages and blowing up building today; maybe his methods got a bit out of hand because of his over-enthusiastic field commanders - but where was the help? Of course, moronic UN along with Clinton and his liberals fought on the wrong side in Yugoslavia, helping Islamic fundamentalists win, and shattering that country - great work ClinTOON moron.

RIP Slobo!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Another Innocent Victim in the War on Terror

In this undated photo provided by Christian Peacemaker Teams, Tom Fox, seated right, 54, of Clear Brook, Va., is shown. Fox was grabbed at gunpoint in Nov. 2005 with three others off a Baghdad street by the previously unknown Swords of Righteousness Brigades. The FBI verified that a body found in Iraq Friday morning, March 10, 2006 was that of Fox, spokesman Noel Clay said.

My condolences to the family of Mr. Fox, and shame on you libtards for trying to appease the Islamic terrorists - this is war against Salafist Islamic fundamentalists - and it is time to admit this simple truth.

"Peaceful" Muslim youth plotted mass murder and terrorism in Netherlands

Another feel-good story from world of peaceful religion of Islam - today Dutch judges convicted nine men Friday of belonging to a terrorist group, a landmark verdict that concludes promoting a violent version of Islam can itself be an act of terrorism. The case opens a new way for prosecutors to stop potential terrorists and for the Netherlands to tackle the broader problem of the spread of radicalism among Muslim youth. Lawyers for the men said they will appeal.
Two men received 15- and 13-year prison terms for attempted murder after a clash with police during their arrest. One received a five-year term for possessing a loaded machine gun.
The rest were sentenced to up to two years in prison. All were found to have spread hateful propaganda among their friends and on the Internet, encouraging Muslims to join a holy war against the West. Though most sentences were short, the judgment was sweeping.

Oh jee! Is anyone even surprised anymore at the stories like this? Like it or not, liberals, we are still in the global war against Islamic terrorism, and your appeasement of enemy only makes you look dumber.

Hillary hides Wal-Mart ties

With retail giant Wal-Mart under fire to improve its labor and health care policies, one Democrat with deep ties to the company — Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton — has started feeling her share of the political heat. Clinton served on Wal-Mart's board of directors for six years when her husband was governor of Arkansas. And the Rose Law Firm, where she was a partner, handled many of the Arkansas-based company's legal affairs. Clinton had kind words for Wal-Mart as recently as 2004, when she told an audience at the convention of the National Retail Federation that her time on the board "was a great experience in every respect." But in recent months, as the company has become a target for Democratic activists, she has largely steered clear of any mention of Wal-Mart. And late last year, Clinton's re-election campaign returned a $5,000 contribution from Wal-Mart, citing "serious differences with current company practices."

Oh wait! Another limousine liberal hypocrite, just like Hanoi Kerry!

Chertoff: Bird Flu can hit N. America within a month

WASHINGTON - A deadly strain of bird flu could appear in the United States in the next few months as wild birds migrate from infected nations, Homeland Security Michael Chertoff said Thursday. Chertoff said "there will be a reasonable possibility of a domestic fowl outbreak" as migrating birds mix with ducks, chickens and other birds in the U.S. But he cautioned against panic, noting that the Agriculture Department has dealt with other strains of bird flu for years.
"If we get a wild bird or even a domestic chicken that gets infected with avian flu, we're going to be able to deal with it, because we've got a lot of experience with that," Chertoff said, speaking to newspaper editors and publishers. "I can't predict, but I certainly have to say that we should be prepared for the possibility that at some point in the next few months, a wild fowl will come over the migratory pathway and will be infected with H5N1," he said. The H5N1 strain has killed at least 95 people since 2003, mostly in Asia, according to the World Health Organization, and has devastated poultry stocks. Scientists are concerned that the virus could mutate into a form easily spread among people, sparking a pandemic.
Great, as if things aren't already bad enough.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Great day for America, Bad day for Libs

* A Dubai-owned company abruptly abandoned its plans for managing U.S. ports on Thursday, defusing an election-year showdown between President Bush and the Republican-controlled Congress over an issue that had become a political land mine for the GOP. "DP World will transfer fully the U.S. operations ... to a United States entity," H. Edward Bilkey, the company's top executive, said in the surprise announcement that seemed to spread relief throughout the Capitol and the White House. It was unclear which American business might get the port operations - HANDS OFF AMERICA, ARABS!

* Acting to crack down on terrorist financing, the Treasury Department on Thursday ordered all commercial banks in the United States to end their relationships with two Syrian banks - I sense invasion nearing, great news.

* The U.N. Staff Union voted overwhelmingly on Thursday to express no confidence in U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan and his top managers after Annan announced plans to overhaul the U.N. bureaucracy - Why did it take so long to get that corrupt idiot out of power?

* Residents reported curious declarations hanging from mosque walls and market stalls recently in Ramadi, the Sunni Muslim insurgent stronghold west of Baghdad. The fliers said Iraqi militants had turned on and were killing foreign al-Qaida fighters, their one-time allies - hmm, good news I suppose

* and finally - Raj Bhakta, the aspiring "Apprentice" turned aspiring politician, is running for Congress. Bhakta, who was fired by Donald Trump during the second season of the NBC reality show "The Apprentice," is challenging Democratic U.S. Rep. Allyson Schwartz for the state's 13th District seat representing suburban Philadelphia - another educated and charismatic conservative - WAY TO GO RAJ!

Iraqi militants hanged - about time!

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Iraq hanged 13 insurgents Thursday, marking the first time militants have been executed in the country since the U.S.-led invasion ousted Saddam Hussein nearly three years ago, the government said. The Cabinet announcement listed the name of only one of those hanged, Shukair Farid, a former policeman in the northern city of Mosul, who allegedly confessed that he had worked with Syrian foreign fighters to enlist fellow Iraqis to carry out assassinations against police and civilians.
And this is how this should be done; I hope these hanging will be weekly!

Hitlery Clinton Wants Terrorist in USA

WASHINGTON - Sen. Hillary "Hitlery" Rodham Clinton, said Wednesday that some Republicans are trying to create a "police state" to round up illegal immigrants; this silly liberal spoke out on the U.S. immigration policy after largely staying away from an issue that has roiled Congress in recent months and spurred a number of conflicting proposals. Speaking at a rally of Irish immigrants, Clinton criticized a bill the House passed in December that would impose harsher penalties for undocumented workers. "Don't turn your backs on what made this country great," she said, calling the measure "a rebuke to what America stands for."

Yes, Hitlery, lets keep all Islamic terrorists, illegal immigrant drug dealers and murderers on U.S. soil, great plan!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

GOP battles Arab ports takeover bid

WASHINGTON - In a congressional election-year repudiation of President Bush, a House panel dominated by Republicans voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to block a Dubai-owned firm from taking control of some U.S port operations. Democrats clamored for a vote in the Senate, too.
By 62-2, the House Appropriations Committee voted to bar DP World, run by the government of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, from holding leases or contracts at U.S. ports. The landslide vote was the strongest signal yet that more than three weeks of White House efforts to stunt congressional opposition to the deal have not been successful.
Bush has promised to veto any such measure passed by Congress. But there is widespread public opposition to the deal and the GOP fears losing its advantage on the issue of national security in this fall's elections. The White House said the president's position was unchanged.
"This is a national security issue," said Rep. Jerry Lewis (news, bio, voting record), the chairman of the House panel, adding that the legislation would "keep America's ports in American hands."

About time someone took a decisive stand against this bid - the truth is that it makes no sense checking some old lady's shoes for bombs in the airport, and then sell off strategic Atlantic ports to UAE company with shady business ties. If this pundit ever to disagree with Bush administration decision - this is it; GOP will not betray its principles and stand on America's side.

Iran Threatens U.S. with "Harm and Pain"

VIENNA, Austria - Iran threatened the United States with "harm and pain" Wednesday for its role in hauling Tehran before the U.N. Security Council over its nuclear program. But the United States and its European allies said Iran's nuclear intransigence left the world no choice but to ask for Security Council action. The council could impose economic and political sanctions on Iran.
When we will nuke this filthy country, I hope they remember why!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Iraq Top General Assassination Raises Questions

BAGHDAD - The Iraqi army is investigating how a gunman managed to kill a senior Iraqi general in an attack that has fueled concern about the new, U.S.-trained Iraq military's cohesion in the face of brewing sectarian conflict. "It is a very strange incident and raises many questions," an official in the Defense Ministry press service said on Tuesday after the commander of all Iraqi troops in Baghdad died from a bullet to the head while in a patrol convoy on Monday.
I just can't picture a sandal-wearing "death to America" type taking out this general in the moving convoy with a headshot. This is definitely professional assassination - which raises a question - WHO?
Several possibilities - lucky shot (discard that right away, too much coincidence), a rival Iraqi general hiring a pro-hitman, Iranian special forces (very plausible) - whoever is behind it - this story is definitely worth following.

Israeli government backs illegal killings

Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz's warning to Hamas, recently elected to rule the Palestinian Authority, was the first to identify Hamas' prime minister-designate, Ismail Haniyeh, as a potential target for an Israeli pinpoint attack. "No one is immune," Mofaz told Army Radio, a day after an Israeli air strike on an ice cream truck killed two Islamic Jihad militants and three bystanders in Gaza City. Two of those killed were children, ages eight and 14.
And then they get surprised when peace process hits another dead end.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Liberal / Muslim anti-American Insanity Continues

Schizophrenic and a disgrace to United States of America Cindy Sheehan who likes to urinate on her Iraq war hero son's corpse by criticizing American-lead struggle for survival and freedom was arrested again Monday, March 6, 2006 in New York along with three other anti-war liberal activists after trying to deliver a letter to the American mission.

Elsewhere, "peaceful" Muslim-American Mohammed Reza Taheriazar, a December 2006 UNC-Chapel Hill graduate, was taken into custody as the driver of a sport utility vehicle that plowed into a group of people outside a University of North Carolina classroom building Friday, injuring nine before speeding away in "retaliation" and as "punishment" for what America had done to his brethren; saying at a hearing Monday that he was "thankful for the opportunity to spread the will of Allah."

Barbara Streisand Attacks Bush ... With Spelling Errors!

Barbra Streisand has launched a new spelling error-ridden dispatch on the Internet -- a dispatch that mocks President Bush for being a "C student!"In her February 28th, 2006 essay, Streisand flubs ten words, a personal record.• curruption• dictatoriship• crediblity• Adminstration• warrented• desperatly• preceedings• ouside• subpoening• responsibiltyAnd this time around, Streisand makes four spelling errors -- in one sentence!["In the 1970’s, during the Nixon Adminstration, serious political curruption arose and the Republican leadership stepped up and took responsibilty by holding hearings and subpoening administration officials."] Streisand has not seen fit to run a spellcheck on the rant as of Noon, March 06."The arrogance of this C student," Streisand says of Bush. Memories... In 2002, Streisand issued a "TRUTH ALERT: IN RESPONSE TO DRUDGE REPORT STORY ABOUT MISSPELLINGS IN MEMO."

YES! To Military Recruiters on Campus

The Supreme Court ruled unanimously Monday that colleges that accept federal money must allow military recruiters on campus, despite university objections to the Pentagon's "don't ask, don't tell" policy on gays. Justices rejected a free-speech challenge from law school professors who claimed they should not be forced to associate with military recruiters or promote their campus appearances.
Chief Justice John Roberts wrote the unanimous decision.
Law schools had become the latest battleground over the "don't ask, don't tell" policy allowing gay men and women to serve in the military only if they keep their sexual orientation to themselves.
Many universities forbid the participation of recruiters from public agencies and private companies that have discriminatory policies.
Roberts, writing his third decision since joining the court, said there are other less drastic options to protest the policy.
"A military recruiter's mere presence on campus does not violate a law school's right to associate, regardless of how repugnant the law school considers the recruiter's message," he wrote.
I applaud the determination of Mr. Roberts, and a wise choice president G.W. Bush made appointing him to this position.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Crash Defeats Brokeback !

Great News, Hollywood is not lost yet!

Deviant Film "Brokeback Mountain" to get Oscars

The gay cowboys of "Brokeback Mountain" lassoed the best feature prize at the Independent Spirit Awards, the art-house world's equivalent of the Oscars, on Saturday, a day before the picture competes for a leading eight honors at the Academy Awards. Taiwanese filmmaker Ang Lee was named best director for the his work on the acclaimed drama, but the film had to share the spotlight with three other double-winners that will also vie for Oscar glory. "Capote" took home the awards for male lead (Philip Seymour Hoffman) and screenplay (Dan Futterman); "Transamerica" won for female lead (Felicity Huffman) and first screenplay (Duncan Tucker); and "Crash" picked up honors for supporting male (Matt Dillon) and first feature. There is traditionally little crossover with the Academy Awards, since the Oscars generally favor big studio films. But this year could prove the exception as "Brokeback Mountain" has swept virtually every awards show.

Of course perverted Judeo-Bolshevik liberal Hollywood cabal will award this deviant film as many awards as possible - gay cowboys accepted this year, cannibalism next year. Liberals have no moral barometer. Boycott the Oscars!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Hamas makes friends on Moscow

Khaled Mashaal, left, Hamas political chief, is greeted by a Muslim in Moscow's main mosque, Saturday, March 4, 2006. At right background is Russia's Chief Mufti Ravil Gainutdin. Hamas' leader ruled out any softening of the militant Palestinian group's hostility to Israel after high-profile talks in Moscow at which Russia called on it recognize the Jewish state and abandon violence.

Good News from Chechnya

People's assembly of Chechnya approved candidacy of Ramzan Kadirov, son of Akhmad Kadirov assassinated by Chechen rebels in 2004, as a new Chairman of Chechen republic. Approved unanimously, as all 39 representatives from voting districts in Chechnya voted for this pro-Kremlin individual. President of Chechen Republic, Allu Alhanov approved that appointment.
This comes as Chechnya is well on its way out of crisis into becoming a stable federalist district of Russian Federation after the Russian special forces FSB terminated Aslan Maskhadov - leader of Chechen separatists, and most of his officers, thus beheading the Chechen resistance.

Picture Liberals Don't Want You to See

U.S. President George W. Bush, left, shakes hands with Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf at the conclusion of a joint press availability at the Aiwan-e-Sadr, of 'house of the President', in Islamabad, Pakistan Saturday, March 4, 2006. President Bush showed solidarity Saturday with Pakistani President Gen. Pervez Musharraf's war-on-terror alliance with the United States, a stance that is at odds with many in this Islamic nation.

Friday, March 03, 2006

I wish more of them die ...

People carry the body of Shanu, 14, who died after violence erupted during a demonstration against U.S. President George W. Bush, in Lucknow, India, Friday, March 3, 2006. A protest against the visit to India by Bush turned into a clash Friday between Hindus and Muslims that left one person dead and 12 injured, police said.
Only 3?! :(

Time to challenge anti-war protests on March 18th.

On March 18th American and Canadian libturds will, once again, be protesting the welfare and security of our nations, spitting on our troops, and bowing to Islamic fundamentalist enemy - I think everyone had enough of this. Despite the fact that it is their constitutional right to do so, we should not allow these protests to be one-sided - because liberal elements in media will try to spin as if it is a majority opinion. On March 18th every responsible citizen should do anything within legal boundaries to disrupt these protests, please follow these instructions:

* if you are law enforcement officer on a watch of these protestors - observe any disruptions of civil law (i.e. vandalism, obscenity etc.), and arrest the perpetrators on spot; or attempt to end it all together
* if you are public or private property owner/ administrator - you have a right NOT to allow these so-called protests on your property
* if you are a student - petition your student counsel immediately NOT to allow this on your campus
* if you are a journalist - do not cover this stupidity - it's not worth your journalistic integrity
* finally, if you are a citizen, walk out on March 18th, and show your support for global war against Islamic fundamentalism, do it peacefully and respectfully - liberals might call you names, but being "Make Love, Not War" cowards they are - they won't dare to touch you



Thursday, March 02, 2006

Intel: Al Queda is plotting "Big Bang" in Iraq

(CBS/AP) U.S. officials tell CBS News that intelligence has picked up reports that al Qaeda in Iraq is planning what one source calls the "Big Bang," a spectacular terrorist attack in Iraq against either a single high-profile target or multiple targets simultaneously. Last week's mosque bombing in city of Samarra that brought Iraq to the brink of civil war was the work of terrorists, some U.S. officials have theorized. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi seems to be betting that another big bang would push the country over the brink, reports CBS News correspondent David Martin. The bomb in one of the holiest sites for Shiite Muslims set off violence all across the country that left hundreds dead.

Global Neo-Conservatism is on the march

In another blow to global liberalism, the U.S. Senate on Thursday gave its blessing to the renewal of the USA Patriot Act after adding new privacy protections designed to strike a better balance between civil liberties and the government's power to root out terrorists. The 89-10 vote marked a bright spot in President Bush's troubled second term as his approval ratings dipped over the war in Iraq and his administration's response to Hurricane Katrina. Renewing the act, Bush and congressional Republicans said, was key to preventing more terror attacks in the United States. Bush applauded the Senate for overcoming "partisan attempts to block its passage." The House was expected to approve the two-bill package next week and send it to the president, who would sign it before 16 provisions expire March 10.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Another Muslim Terror Plot Foiled

Jordanian police escort a prison van carrying Islamist militants in Amman, March 20, 2005. Jordan foiled on Wednesday an attempt by militants to attack vital facilities in Amman, a Jordanian official told Dubai-based Al Arabiya television.